> Introduction of SOCON
Institute of Social Conflict is a Nonprofit Corporation that is permitted from Ministry of Construction and Transportation, Republic of Korea.

- Systematic Research and Development Theory about Public Conflict
- Education on Conflict Management and Capacity Building of Public Conflict Resolution
- Publishment on Public Conflict Management


Long-term program

Mediation Academy Spring term, 2007
(Institute of Social Conflict & Korea University)

Short-term program

Education for Local Government Officials
-#2~#4 Conflict Management Workshop for Gyeongsangnam-do
¡¤ Conflict Management Education to Staffs of Korea Water Resources
Corporation (December 11~12 2006)
¡¤ Conflict Management Education, NGO Busan (November 3~4, 2006)
¡¤ Conflict management workshop for NGO in Jeju island (September 13~15, 2006)
¡¤ Education for Local Government Officials for Jeju-do
- local government conflict and Public Involvement (November 7~8, 2006)

¡®Primarily Conflict Analysis on Unit #1 Gori Nuclear Power Plant¡¯
-2007, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co.
¡®Sihwa Governance & Sustainable Development Commission Activity Report on Environmental Conflict in Sihwa Region¡¯
-2007, Sihwa Governance & Sustainable Development Commission
¡®Conflict Analysis on Public Involvement of Chuncheon to Yangyang Highway Construction¡¯
-2007, Korea Expressway Cooperation

Study about Conflict on Moving the headquarter of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co to Kyeongju, January, 2007
Study on Environmental Conflict Issue of Jeonlabuk-do, Octorber,2006
Analysis on Conflict Types and Resolution about water resources, November, 2006
Study on Understanding about the Public Conflict of South Korea and Conflict Resolution, Feburary, 2007


SOCON Club-Seminar

- #1 : After North Korea's Nuclear Problem, Structural Conflict Change and
        Prospects of the Korean Peninsula (December 6, 2006)
- #2 : ¡°Armistice Agreement to a Peace Accord" Process and Meaning
       (January 4, 2007)
- #3 : Reconciliation and Win-Win, ¡®Sihwa Governance & Sustainable         Development Commision Activities on Evironmental Conflict in Sihwa         Region¡¯, (February 1, 2007)


- #4 : Conflict Resolution on Compensation for real estate in New Multifunction
        Administrative City Sejong, ChungcheongNam-do, (March 8, 2007)
- #5 : Special lecture on Alternative Dispute Resolution (April 5, 2007 )
- 6th : Introduce of Criminal Mediation Procedures (May 3, 2007)
- #7 : School Violence Prevention and Mediation Procedures (July 5, 2007)
- #8 : Public Conflict Mediation Procedures of the Ombudsman of Korea
        (August 2, 2007)

Open Forum

- Democratic Paradigm Shift
   The end of ¡¯87 Democratic paradigm and New Democracy (October 26, 2006)
- Discussion on Sihwa Governance & Sustainable Development Commission
    Activity on Environmental Conflict in Sihwa Region¡¯ (July 9, 2007)
- Discussion on the Aftereffect Conflict of Nuclear Waste in Buan
    (July 30, 2007)